Private accomodation

The Swing brother, Swing team is struggling to accommodate all dancers taking the trip to Bergen this weekend. Please contact us on facebook either if you have a extra bed/couch in Bergen this weekend, or if you have questions regarding this service. You can also use our contact form or ask on the facebook page.

Please express the need for general accommodation in the sign up form. More details will be announced at a later time.


Hotel accommodation

There is many hotels to choose from in Bergen city, from cheaper hostels to stylish hotels with the little extra. We recommend you to use portals like and to find the best deals. Be aware that the prices are significantly cheaper in the weekend, so if you’re staying from thursday it may be a good idea to separate the orders in two – one for thursday to friday and one for the rest of the weekend. 

The venues in use are at Verftet, The city center and at Nygård, and are all in walking distance from all hotels in the city center. It may take some more time to walk from the hotels at Bryggen.