Workshop levels

This weekend, you will have three workshop levels in boogie woogie to choose from – Intermediate, Advanced and Advanced+. There will also be held taster classes in other swing styles. The two upper levels will be divided with an audition on Friday, and you will be placed in the lower level if you do not participate in the audition. Do not worry about the audition, it’s there to place you on the level where you will have the best learning experience. International intermediate dancers may take part of the advanced classes on Friday if they want to.


This level is for you if you have been dancing less than a year with continuous dancing or is not dancing regularly. You should know your triplesteps, and the level is tailored to dancers that have been participating in this years beginner classes. The focus in these classes is new variations, play with the music and have fun on the social dancefloor. These classes is not subject to an audition.

Advanced / Advanced+

You have been dancing for more than a year, and are ready to take on some more layers on the dance. Herräng Dance camp is probably checked on your bucket list at least one time. You dance fluent to faster music, and music interpretation is your middle name. If you read this and feel that this describes you, then you are welcome to this level.

This level will be split in two groups, and you will have to attend a audition on Friday at 11:00 to be placed in the group you’ll have the best learning progress in.